An easy 15-second skincare routine for a healthy glowing skin.

We believe in minimalism, especially when it comes to skincare.  Many people purchase skincare products way more than they need to and end up lay around the vanity without using them.

Our unique skincare products are formulated to replace multiple products into one.  Less doesn't mean it's less effective.  We only use essential ingredients to make products powerfully effective. 

We understand how hard it is to take good care of skin daily basis, especially people with busy lifestyle and during the travel.  That is why we created our revolutionary skincare products to make life simple.  We all deserve to have healthy glowing skin without the complication and hassle!

Our customers are amazed by the effectiveness of our skincare line, which proves by 100% positive product reviews.

3 in 1 Revolution is toner, serum, and moisturizer in ONE.  Simply apply few pumps after washing face and that completes skincare routine! It actually works as 10-in-1. Click HERE for more information.

If you care for a facial, Go Away Gloomy Day (Skin Booster) would be a perfect replacement for conventional time-consuming facials.   Simply apply one or two pumps before lotion and you will instantly see and feel smooth and glowing skin.






Healthy food for skin.

LeeAnni Eco® skincare blends are handmade with powerful natural ingredients and love.  Just as we choose healthy foods for a healthy body we want to provide a healthy wholesome choice for your skin.  We start with the understanding that skincare is food for our skin since we absorb over 60% of what is applied. That is why it makes sense to use edible ingredients as possible. We select fresh natural ingredients rich in nutrients instead of cheap highly processed formulas with artificial flavors. 

We have a simple approach. Invest in R&D to provide the best natural choice rather than in fancy packaging, which we try to minimize to reduce waste for the environment.


Cruelty-free * 100% Natural * Fragrance-free * Paraben-free *  Gluten-Free * Eco-friendly 


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